“. . . stop doing wrong.  Learn to do right; seek justice.  Defend the oppressed.  Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.”   Isaiah 1:16-17

CityLights is a ministry of Restore St. Louis and New City Fellowship in the West End of St Louis. This ministry consists of a series of training programs in urban leadership and biblical discipleship for college students. New City invites students of all ages to live in community in the city and serve the needs of the neighborhood. Growing in mercy ministry, servanthood, racial reconciliation, and Christian community development are all goals of the program, which is open to undergrad and graduate students.

Programs range from weekends to full summer internships.

CityLights trains students to follow Jesus, even into the dark places of our cities, learning to love his world too. It seeks to draw students into an understanding of the Gospel, the priorities of the Kingdom, the Justice and Mercy of God, and a lifestyle of service to others, especially to the ‘vulnerable’, i.e. the widow, the orphan, the immigrant, elderly, disabled, poor.

Jonah was sent by God to work in the capital city of Iraq, Israel’s fearsome enemy, and to be God’s messenger there. But Jonah ran –racism, anger, fear and ignorance were probably his reasons. God pursued Jonah as he fled the city because God loved the people of Nineveh too much to abandon them to their disobedience.

And God loved Jonah the same way.
The last words Jonah hears from God are:
“Should I not be concerned for that great city?”

Most of today’s college students are being equipped to work and live in the great cities of our country and the world. God longs for them to take his Kingdom priorities with them

Will they be ready when they get there? The staff of CityLights will help get them ready, teaching them how to see the city through God’s eyes–and how to love it.

…to use their career
to do justice, to love mercy,
to take down walls, to build bridges,
to promote racial reconciliation,
to bring hope and healing,
to light dark places